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Glory House Financial Support 2009 KRISTY

  • 20% is paid by the residents.
  • 10% results from private contributions.
  • 70% comes from agency contracts.
  • Out of approximately 350 individuals who enter the Glory House program, over 70% are employed.


LSI-R (Level of Service Inventory-Revised) Information 2008 (2009 not complete) KELLY

  • The LSI-R is a tool used to determine a clients' risk of reoffending within 1 year of discharging from a facility. It measures an offenders overall level of risk and criminogenic need.
  • Glory House clients show an overall 3.86 point improvement in LSI-R scores, demonstrating a capacity for success.
  • Of those clients that discharged successfully, they showed an 8.15 point improvement.


Clients Served 2009 CHASITY/KELLY (I will get you my part)

  • 355 Residential Clients
  • 108 Out-Patient Clients
  • 487GPS Clients
  • 107 SCRAM Clients


Client Financial Information 2009- KRISTY

  • Clients paid $19,369.00 in family support
  • Paid $5,113.00 in restitution, fines, and fees
  • Earned over $550,000.00 in 2009
  • Paid over $192,000.00 toward their own stay at Glory House
  • Discharged from Glory House withover $91,000.00


Correctional Program Assessment Inventory©

A Correctional Program Assessment Inventory (CPAI) was conducted on Glory House in May 2001 by Dr. Edward Latessa of University of Cincinnati. A CPAI is used to ascertain how closely a correctional treatment program meets known principles of effective correctional treatment.

Glory House CPAI

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