Restoring Hope, Transforming Lives

Our Mission

Helping people claim their lives with Christian compassion, resources and support.

Glory House

Glory House responds to the needs of individuals, families, and the community. Programs focus on solving problems caused by substance abuse and unhealthy thinking patterns.


Participants in Glory House programs represent an array of cultures, personalities, attitudes, and beliefs. Individualized plans focus on promoting prosocial values and behaviors.


“I earned my first paycheck in a long time. It feels good to be back in society, having a job and taking care of my debts. The next step is to get back into my family’s life.”


“My stay at Glory House has been nothing short of life changing. I’ve learned so many things since I’ve been placed here. “

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Since 1968, Glory House has helped people struggling with addiction, mental health problems and poor life skills claim their lives by using evidence based practices provided by caring staff.

Both residential and outpatient clients develop the skills needed to live a successful life free of drugs, alcohol and crime. The trained and experienced staff at Glory House help clients find employment, housing and transportation. Individuals have the opportunity to address their many complex challenges. Clients identify their personal risk factors and develop winning strategies that keep them moving forward.

With the support and involvement of the local community, Glory House assists clients to become happier, healthier, stronger and contributing members of the community.

Glory House is continuing to accept gifts for Phase 2 of Glory House Apartments.

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Today is the day you've all been waiting for! Our former board President "won" the Giving Tuesday fundraiser so had to get a pie in the face. His son Cruz did the honors. Because Ryan was scared, his son Nash decided to be moral support. Thank you to everyone that contributed!


Many individuals have few housing options due to felony status or other limitations, including unaffordability of rent. Often the prior living environment may not be a safe option. To help solve this problem, Glory House has partnered with several entities to build efficiency apartments on the property next door. Thank you to our partners:

Tenants have access to individual and group counseling and other Glory House services in close proximity and the facility is monitored to maintain a clean, safe, sober environment for everyone. Tenants paying rent create a unique housing opportunity that is both affordable and sustainable. To prepare for future transitions, classes on renting and home ownership are provided.


Check out the latest bird’s eye view from a drone on our exciting new apartments!


I feel like I'm worth something now. They made me feel like I'm worth something.

– Joe Romero | Life Transformed

Our Programs

Clients discover life skills, problem-solving skills, and positive habits to improve their lives, their families, and their social relationships.

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