Glory House- Helping people claim their lives with Christian compassion, resources, and support.

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Glory House- Helping people claim their lives with Christian compassion, resources, and support.

Our Philosophy

Glory House provides programs that are responsive to the unique and collective needs of individuals, families, and the community. Programs focus on solving problems due to substance abuse, irresponsible thinking patterns, or criminal offenses to the community. Programs develop life skills, problem solving skills, and positive habits, helping individuals and families. Restoration of relationships occurs when offenders participate in programs such as restitution payments, community service, and victim reconciliation. Glory House works cooperatively with other community programs that provide opportunities for offenders to be accountable.

Prosocial behavior is encouraged through individual and group counseling, "care-frontation", spiritual exploration, chemical dependency continuing care, employment, and community service. Individuals are encouraged to make responsible choices which foster healthy independent community living.

Participants in Glory House programs represent an array of cultures, personalities, attitudes, and beliefs. It is believed that each individual is of unique value and worth and deserves to be treated with dignity. Considering each person's background and needs, individual plans facilitate the development of spiritual and prosocial community values and behavior.

After participation in Glory House programs, individuals will be better prepared to lead a balanced and accountable lifestyle. This lifestyle will be demonstrated through constructive life skills, spiritual awareness, healthy relationships, a life of sobriety, use of support systems, financial independence, respect for authority, and freedom from crime.

The Glory House is located at 4000 S. West Ave. in Sioux Falls, SD 57109. To contact the Glory House please call (605) 332-3273. Or you may visit our Staff page and email an individual directly from there.

An application for employment is available here.

"Glory House belongs to and is accredited by the American Correctional Association and is accredited by the South Dakota Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse for level III.I Low Intensity Residential Treatment Program, level II.I Intensive Out-Patient Treatment, and I.0 Out-Patient Group Counseling. Additionally, Glory House belongs to the International Community Corrections Association as a partner agency."

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