Continuum of Services

Glory House has served the community since 1968. The agency has long embraced Evidence-Based Practices, in 1995 we were one of the first organizations in SD to utilize the well-known and much evaluated Level of Service Inventory (LSI). Our services have been developed in conjunction with the best research out there on “what works” with clients involved with the legal system. As such, we have been using evidence based models to create a continuum of options that can be best matched with the client. Essentially, addressing the actual needs of each individual and getting out of the way of those that need minimal services.

Glory House has a full array of services that the community may or may not be aware of. The following services can be mixed and matched to each client based upon their LSI score which will reflect what services might be most beneficial to that individual client. A Case Manager would be able to screen utilizing the LSI and then develop a program plan with each client. The following is a brief summary of services, based upon low, moderate of high levels of need.


1. Substance Abuse/Mental Health Screen as warranted by LSI/Court
2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting (can be developed as the court sees fit in conjunction with LSI)
3. Low Level GPS/Telemate monitoring
4. Random breathalyzers/drug testing (scheduled as frequently as court determines)
5. SCRAM Bracelet


1. Substance Abuse treatment (specific meth/opioid treatment or 8-week outpatient treatment) and/or Aftercare
2. Mental Health Counseling
3. Co-occurring Disorders Counseling
4. Variety of groups/services including CBISA, Parenting, Employment, Corrective Thinking, Moral Reconation Therapy, Budgeting, Relapse Prevention, Co-occurring Aftercare, CBISA Aftercare, all based upon court or LSI driven need
5. Medium/High level GPS/Telemate monitoring
6. All the above can be mixed or matched with Low level services as well, depending on the LSI or as court deems as appropriate.

1. Placement at Glory House
2. All of the above can be mixed and matched with medium/low level services as well

For clients being considered for pretrial services, or as an alternative to detainment, treatment will take into consideration court recommendations and the use of the LSI. For all referrals, staff will be the liaison to help develop a success plan with the client.