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Programs : Case Management

Glory House provides case management for the clients it serves on various levels. When a client arrives to Glory House the Case Manager conducts intake and orientation activities and documentation for new residents, securing personal information and reviewing rules, program participation requirements, and general expectations. Including but not limited to:

Glory House Application
TB Test Physical/Medical History
Birth Certificate
South Dakota ID card/South Dakota Drivers License
Social Security Card
Certification Documents/Trade Learned/Institution learned at
Sex Offender Registration
Job – (Interested areas of work)
Assist in funding, filling or appointments for psychotropic medications
Release Forms
Agreement to Cooperate
Transporters List
Visitors List
Emotional Status
Disposition of Property
Problem List
Fingerprints (Feds)

Along with other professional staff, the Case Manager assists with aftercare programs, including chemical dependency, individual and group therapy, socialization,

In addition to the Case Management duties performed, the Case manager must be thoroughly familiar with Federal CSC Contract's Statement of Work, understand and differentiate between CSC placement, parolees, probationers, pre-bond detainees, etc. and to know where we are responsible and how.

A Glory House Case Manager is knowledgeable in State requirements and expectations for work release, house arrest, probation and parolee placements and differentiates the different status components and to whom we are responsible.

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