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Programs : Residential

The Residential Program helps clients assess irresponsible thinking patterns. Clients are assisted in becoming proactive rather than reactive to their substance abuse issues. While a resident at Glory House there are various treatment programs available

Methamphetamine Treatment Program

The Glory House now offers a sixteen-week intensive outpatient Methamphetamine treatment program using the Matrix Model, which is cognitive/behavioral in nature. It includes family participation and a twelve to eighteen month aftercare program. For information on this program please contact Kari Joldersma at (605) 988-9123 Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Program

The AOD program is similar to the treatment requirements of the MSA program, however it is eight weeks in duration. AOD is also offered on an inpatient or outpatient basis as well.

Intensive Methamphetamine Treatment (IMT) Program

The South Dakota Woman’s Prison Correctional IMT program is a methamphetamine treatment program offered to woman and is started while the client is in custody.IMT has 4 phases.The inmate completes phases one and two while she is in prison.Upon arrival to the Glory House, the client will begin phase three.Phase three lasts approximately 90 days.During these 90 days, the resident will be considered Level III.I (Low Intensity Residential Treatment) and receive chemical dependency services, corrective thinking, recovery support (AA/NA), individualized therapy, and release planning.After approximately 90 days, the resident moves to phase four.Phase four consists of 180 days, divided into two 90-day sub phases.It is at this point clients will be residing in their own residence.In the first 90 days she will be required to attend 2 hours of weekly after care, one hour of recovery support per week, and monthly individual counseling.In the second 90 days, the client is required to attend 1 hour of aftercare and 1 hour of recovery support per week, as well as, 1 individual counseling session per month.Throughout all phases there is mandatory drug screening at different intensities, depending on the phase the inmate is currently in.

Native American Treatment Program

The Native American Treatment program is based on the Wellbriety Movement.The Wellbriety Movement is the 21st Century effort on the part of the Native Americans in Recovery to create the opportunity for individuals, families, communities, and nations to live sober and balanced lives.This is an 8-week treatment group and is a closed group, which means once the group starts no client can be added once the group has started.The program was developed by White Bison, based upon teachings of the Medicine Wheel, the Cycle of Life, and the Four Laws of change.



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